April Outbreak Put Golf Courses In Calgary Behind The Schedule

The Calgary golf courses are at the back of their regular spring schedules and similar to many Calgarians they are also becoming impatient because of the continuous snowfall in the forecast.

When asked about the progress of golf course work in Calgary, the assistant golf professional at McKenzie Meadows Golf Club, Spence Laurie, said they are nearly one month behind the schedule because of the enduring snow. Here everyone is now sick of the snow and we are getting antsy to go out and play”.

Albeit the snow has let the golf center to get most of the things done near the club and get prepared for the golf season, Laurie said it is now enough he and other just wants to play.

McKenzie Meadows is expecting that its golf range will get open by next weekend. On the other hand, Laurie said for the season they will open the course on permanent greens hopefully by the end of April; however, it is not yet clear as it depends on the snow very much.

Fox Hollow Golf Course, head professional, Greg Griffith, said because of the snow they are about two to three weeks behind their schedule.

He said “The weather forecast is not showing anything as of now melting and if we get the favorable weather, the work on the course will get over by the 21st of April and the course will be ready for playing,” he said.

Fox Hollow was able to open their golf course the second week of March last year and usually got fully open by March 30.

But, this year the course is still covered in snow and according to Griffith there is hardly any possibility of opening the course before minimum of two more weeks, if the snow melts soon.

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