Long Drive Contestant Hits Hard

The World Long Drive championship that has been ongoing has had some memorable moments.

For instance, a Long contestant swung his club so hard that the driver shaft snapped and the club head went flying into the crowd. The highlights were showcased all over as well as videos that went viral all over. Indeed, the contestant Wes Patterson can be described as partly Paul Bunyan and part man who have covered the great lengths of becoming a professional golfer from a baseball player. Indeed the long drive contestant definitely showcased a lot of potential and it is akin to a Cinderella story. He has dabbled in the sport for merely a month and has already qualified to participate in the quarterfinals of the tournament that would be held on Wednesday night.

He qualified for the quarter finals after he beat Ryan Riesbeck in the sweet 16 round. Patterson did launch several bombastic shots that made news in the Oklahoma night rounds among which there was one blooper that broke off the club head entirely. As a result of the violent strike, many tweets started off about the force that he must have put in the shot which snapped off the driver.

Many thought that he must have lost his grip as a result. However, it was the hard swing that he made which snapped the shaft and sent the club head flying into the crowd. It was a coincidence that such a hard strike did not leave anyone hurt and Patterson was asked to sign the broken club head which he obliged to do.

Coming Wednesday night, many are prepared to stay away from the plexiglass barriers when Patterson takes the shots. No matter what, it would certainly make the rounds interesting to watch for the fans and family members.