Rotary Golf Tournament Raises Funds

The Franklin Group Rotary Golf Tournament is all geared up to save lives of several people.

It will be raising funds from the golf tournament through which 5 defibrillators would be purchased for Franklin district. All committee members and the golf tournament have successfully managed to raise funds worth $230,000 for more than 18 years and aims to raise another $18,000 by this year. This initiative is being taken to ensure that there is some improvement in people’s lives in Franklin.

The committee member of the Rotary Club of Pukekohe said that the allocation of funds is being done every year to ensure that the Franklin Community is benefited. Also, the Rotary club is based in Pukekohe, and it will be a great opportunity to assist the Franklin community. This is the primary objective of Rotary club. As per St. John, with the purchase of defibrillators, the survival chance of patients will increase up to 40 percent more if treated within 3 to 5 minutes before cardiac arrest takes place.

Also, one defibrillator would be allocated to a police vehicle as it would most often attend cases of serious crashes in and around the district. The approval is yet to be given for this, but a request has been made already.

The golf tournament that would take place on 21st of April is a tournament that is an Ambrose style team which caters golfers of all levels. The entry cost is $200 for a team of 4 which is inclusive of a barbeque before the event, an admission into the event, and platter meals post the tournament and a great opportunity to win major spot prizes. The best individuals, best teams, closet to the pin, and longest drive are some of the criteria that will help you win major prizes along with many raffle prizes that can be won too. It is indeed a great day with fun and excitement at the golf course.