Dustin Johnson has Mixed Emotions

Spaniard Sergio Garcia and American Dustin Johnson took a break from the rigors of professional golf and were hitting purple golf balls from the makeshift greens near the river Thames in London. And both the golfers are extremely excited at golf making its comeback to the Olympic Games after more than a 100 year absence from The Greatest Show on Earth.

The Spaniard Garcia was in particular, looking forward to playing at the Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil, having experienced how the Americans swept the Games back in 1992 in Barcelona. Speaking about that Olympic Games, Garcia stated that those are the moments that just stick; after all is said and done and the Games are over, those moments are the ones that people remember the Games by.

Dustin Johnson, on the other hand, feels that golf has its own Major championships and a professional golfer should prioritize those before gunning for a Gold Medal at the Olympic Games. But Johnson did mention that being able to represent one’s nation at the Olympic Games would be an honor, simply because the Games is much more than winning and losing – it is a special feeling that is experienced by an athlete.

According to Johnson, it would be extremely special for him if he would be given the honor to represent the United States of America at the Olympic Games, stating that being an Olympian is not about an individual, but about the athlete and being a part of something big.

Some of the professional golfers on Tour have already stated that they would not be taking part in the Olympic Games because they would prioritize with their own Majors and other trophies and Dustin Johnson feels no different. Still, being an Olympian is something that has him in two minds about participating.