Focus on Jim Furyk

Jim Furyk is an American golfer who plays professionally on the US PGA Tour, having turned professional in the year 1992. Born on the 12th of May, 1970, a young Furyk showed an aptitude for golf and it can be stated that one of the major influences behind him taking up the golf club was his father Mike.

The senior Furyk was an assistant professional at the Edgmont Country Club and later, he served as a professional at the West Chester Golf and Country Club and of course, the Hidden Springs Golf Course in Horsham.

He spent his early years in the suburbs of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, learning the game of golf from his father and slowly developed his own game. Jim Furyk was named as 2010 PGA Player of the Year as well as PGA Tour Player of the Year and he won the FedEx Championship that year as well, which capped off a sensational year for the American golfer. The 42 year is considered to be one of the most consistent golfers on the Tour, managing to cut it at the top level for generations and the one peculiarity about him is his extremely visible unconventionality in the looping manner of his swing.

Having just had one instructor throughout his developing years in golf in the form of his father Mike, many attribute this rare feat to the unconventional swing he has. Furyk might not be one of the most talented golfers around and despite having this unconventionality in his swing, he has a deliberate approach to the game and that has earned him nicknames such as The Businessman and The Grinder.

Jim Furyk won only major championship in his career so far, having won the US Open back in 2003, along with 16 other titles on the PGA Tour.