Johnson withdraws from Humana Challenge

A few days ago, golfer Dustin Johnson withdrew from the Humana Challenge because of a back pain.

Dustin withdrew after playing the first 9 holes at the La Quinta Country Club. That week, the no 8 ranked golfer was the highest ranked player in the Palm Springs. Dustin hit an even-par seventy-two on Palmer Course.

In November, he had an arthroscopic operation in his right knee. He told that his lower back is very painful and stiff. The golfer also did not take part in the PGA Tour’s first 2 events in Hawaii.

Golf manufacturer Taylor-Made Golf certainly knows how to build the hoopla for their brand new products. After banking on a number of commercials with golfers like Dustin Johnson unveiling the brand new Rocket-Ballz 3-wood over three-hundred yards and after that introducing the new R11S and Rocket-Ballz line, with a mid-night launch, on Friday, Taylor-Made took things forward by sending staffers Pat Perez and Johnson Wagner to a nearby golf store to spend $ 10000 in cash for testing out the brand new line. Well, it’s really sounds nice to me.

Golf players were told to try the new Rocket-Ballz 3-wood and they were paid $ 10 per yard and upto $100. For each yard, they benefit with the new club above their present 3-wood.

There is no need to tell that people reached there to grab some free cash and give a shot to one of the most talked about thing in the field of golf.

It is time to give Taylor-Made credit for coming up with this kind of crazy idea – though in truth they probably get their inspiration from Tony Valentine – Wilson Golf’s marketing guru.

Some may question the requirement to perpetually build up things with innumerable gimmicks; it is quite clear from the buzz around the clubs that the twists are working properly.