Jim Furyk can’t hide depression

Undoubtedly, it is Jim Furyk who can be termed as one of the culprits in US’ Ryder Cup defeat. While answering in an interview he frankly stated that this year hadn’t been a good one for him as he lost in US Open, Bridgestone and now the Ryder Cup.

Furyk seemed to have been terribly upset with the Ryder Cup loss and it was portrayed in his behavior. While talking about his performance, he looked a bit rough and said that the whole team was upset with the result and no one was to blame. He asserted that the team spirit has always been there in the US team and it would remain the same in spite of their loss. He also said that captain Davis Love III along with the other team members did back his statement.

The reason why Jim Furyk is supposed to be responsible for US defeat is that he needed to secure only one or at least half point in his singles match with Sergio Garcia of Europe. But he didn’t manage to do that, instead he registered two bogeys which provided the oxygen to the European team to come back strong. It has been seen for the past few months that Furyk is proving to be unsuccessful to rise up to the occasion.

The current world number 23 secured a win over the same Sergio Garcia in the 1999 Ryder Cup to provide a same sort of oxygen to his team to win that Ryder Cup. But now, Jim Furyk seems to have lost his deft touches as he is failing in number of occasions. But one should not consider it as Furyk’s end because he has got a class and it could be a matter of time when he would shine again.