Jason Dufner hails small town upbringing

US PGA Championship winner Jason Dufner has been playing in his first tournament since he won the title at Oak Hill in Rochester, New York.

The American who returned to his home town in Auburn in Alaska in the early hours of Monday morning following his triumph stated that he still had to take out the trash the following morning as well. He added that he doesn’t believe that too much of his life has changed since his maiden major success. He added that his wife hasn’t been nice with him after winning the title and the people who have known him before the major win have also not changed their attitude towards him.

He added it is good for him to have people like that around him and also mentioned that growing up in a small town has had a positive effect on him and it hasn’t let success get to his head. Jason Dufner mentioned that he still has to wake up to take their new puppy to the bathroom in the middle of the night and still goes for breakfast to his favorite spot as well.

Dufner has had a pretty whirlwind time since winning his first major title earlier this month. However, he mentioned that he lives in a small town and the people are used to seeing him around as well and as a result, he didn’t have to deal with too much attention after he returned to Auburn.

Moreover, getting a new cell phone number has also made things easier for him. Jason Dufner stated that it has probably made things easier for him and apart from a few known faces from the sports world, not too many people know the new number and he hasn’t had to deal with too many congratulatory texts.