Jason Dufner enjoys travelling the world

Upon hearing the term globetrotter, the name of American golfer Jason Dufner is not one that immediately crops up to the mind but according to the one time major winner, getting to travel the world and being able to see different places is something that he is learning to enjoy and cherish.

He stated that travelling the world, as he has started to do recently, and being able to play in different countries as well as a variety of golf courses is something that he hopes will help him become a better professional in the course of time.

He went on to add that if one looks back at some of the greatest names of the of game from the past, the likes of Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player and some others – they all travelled the world, winning titles in many different countries. Jason Dufner added that they are a bit spoiled in the United States of American, considering the schedule they play in as well as the purse they are given but in this way, he gets to see the world.

And according to Dufner, the situation is a win-win for him.
And many would agree with the American without a shadow of a doubt, especially tennis or golf pros. Being able to get out of one’s comfort zone is something that makes a better player of even an ordinary one and Dufner is one of the best talents around at the moment.

Jason Dufner mentioned that he will be looking to play in four to six international tournaments this year before going on to add that he might be stepping out of his comfort zone in this way, but that is something he wants to do and is looking forward to enjoying traveling the world and become a better player.