Martin Kaymer unhappy about German Golf Scene

Martin Kaymer has expressed discontent over the poor image portrayed by the German golf. He has complained that the game organizers fail to attract a wider audience base.

An issue such as not allowing people to enter in jeans is one of the things which keep people from coming to watch the game. Martin Kaymer is known to share space with some of the most successful golfers in the world golf scene. Even the current scenario of German golf cuts a sorry figure and looks so outdated. The courses are also very dusty as per his observations which prevent the German golfers to get good results out of practice.

Martin Kaymer has been preparing himself for the masters in Augusta which will start this April 11. He has already had five tries but failed to make a cut in four of his appearances. He made his first appearance in the court at a tender age of 10. His story behind his success lies in his thinking differently while he is playing. He said that is very necessary to distinguish oneself as an ace golfer. He had also mentioned that football would have been more comfortable but there he found that he had to have coordination with ten co-players but in case of golf everything depended on himself. He would not have to ask permission from anyone.

Back in his school days, the German teachers discouraged golf saying that it was one of the most tedious of all the sports. Also there are certain stupid rules set up by the German courts of golf. All of these taken together are responsible for the game being neglected by the countrymen. Martin Kaymer has had a wonderful career in a very short span. In 2011, he even rose to become the world’s No. 1 ranked player.